what do clients think?

Reem Helal | Logo and identity designs

A professional person who know exactly what do you want by asking the right question that digs deep into your mind to get her idea to start with . It was a great experience to get a chance to work with such a real artist , who knows exactly how to satisfy you as a customer . I consider myself lucky to get this chance.

Yasmeen Obaid | Yearbook design

I loved working with Noor on my project! She's hardworking and always on time. She always adds her own creative touch to her designs. I was surprised how everyone was so amazed by her work and i would definitely recommend working with her.

Razi Tambosi | Markaba logo design

Noor has been my reference when I get stuck at any phase in the design process. She had always known what she was getting her self into, and the consequences her actions would have. I would and have recommended my colleagues to hire Noor as the design manager for their projects since she had always delivered the specified required work according to milestones and had been flexible in terms of sudden developmental changes.

Rozana Albanawi | Powerpoint presentations

My go-to person for presentation design & content organization is Noor. She is an experienced designer with a minimalist style.. she knows slide aesthetics, and is an expert in content, typography and meeting different audience needs. She's more than a designer, she's a presentation/speaker mentor & coach. Since the first time I sought her services, I have always hired her for my presentations. I have hired her personally & I also refer her to my coaching practice clients for their projects.