what do clients think?

SACC Team | Menu & Magazine / Branding / Presentation / Assorted
Dear Ms. Alsawadi,
While the journey of transformation for Saudi Airlines Catering Company begins to reap the fruits of its success, we look back at each step taken to honor the experience, embrace the challenges, and most importantly, commemorate the great individuals behind it.
We thank you for your amazing work, sincerity, premium quality, and producing masterpieces in record timings.
We appreciate having you amongst our team and we look forward towards a bright future for SACC and its family.

Ahmed Darwesh | Social media designs

I was referred to Noor through a friend who tried her for his own business , honestly I was a bit worried at first after a few misshapes with previous designers. But Noor blew me away with her results , professionalism , and delivering within deadlines. I would highly recommend her to any business owner.

Sammy Alsawady | Menu design / assorted designs

Our management team and, & most importantly, our customers are impressed with the design work that has been done by Noor. We have received many compliments for the projects submitted by her, but most notably on our menu. It is obvious that she had put all her effort to give us the best products. She was very cooperative with us, making last minute changes that needed to be made, had no problem staying up to the early hours of the morning to complete the project before the deadline, made sure the design was relevant to the topic. Her suggestions were very useful and timely. She wouldn't say it could not be done, she would always try her best.

Mich Avant | Branding/Label/Poster designs

I've had the good fortune to work with Noor Alsawadi on numerous projects.  Noor's creativity coupled with a keen eye for graphics plus an always professional attitude makes a winning combination that consistently produces quality results and receives my highest praise.

Fahd Alyami | Plate design, Place mats, Posters.

After several unpleasant experiences, I worked with noor on multiple projects and was very pleased with the outcome. She is flexible during work, always on time, and delivers nothing but high quality pieces of work. I have been working with her since, and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for quality professional design.

Abdulaziz Hashal | Branding/social media designs

throughout our work with Noor for more than a year, we praise her creative ideas that keep popping in every design. She always picks the perfect ideas that meet our goals. We hope all the best for her.

Attiyah Alharbi | Brochure/social media/car sticker designs

We were very happy to work with Ms. Noor. One of the most distinctive things we liked about working with her is her flexibility with clients and meeting deadlines. What makes us repeating clients are the quality designs she creates. She reads what's on her client's mind by understanding their initial preferences and goals, and translating them into creative ideas and professional designs. Again, we at Fawakh store are really happy to continue work with her.

Ali Alyami | Logo design

I came across some sketches for many designers while I was looking for new unique one for my foodtruck business but nothing caught my attention like noor's touches. The process was fast, straight to the point, professional, flexible, creative and affordable. The first time the logo was presented to me, I was like WOW!!! That is what I want. I felt like there is some sort of relationship has been created and that logo will be something stunning in the soon future so I started visualizing my future brand. I wish you all the best and for those whose starting their first business I say ""Don't waste your time cuz Noor knows what to do